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Registered Add Fujian,China
Number of Employees 51-100people
Established in 2007

Xiamen meisida ribbon accessories co., LTD., founded in 2007, is a ribbon and bow factory that dares to promise "unsatisfactory return". The customer can return the goods immediately if there is any problem after receiving the goods, and then our company will modify or re-produce the goods. Our company will bear all the expenses of this product.

Existing two color belt factory, a printing factory and six manual processing plant, a sewing machine, an ultrasonic blanking part, otherwise paper card products, the wash water mark, label matching service, our goal is to make it professional supplier!

Our company's main products are mainly divided into three categories: bowknot, ribbon handmade flowers, ribbon accessories.

A dozen small classes: ribbon pin, children hair clips, ribbon bows and ribbon bows, bowknot, underwear packaging bow, roses, ribbon rosettes, flowers, snow yarn knitting bowknot, underwear, handmade flowers, gift box, packaging decoration and ribbon flowers, ribbon and bow, and all kinds of clothing, clothing, decorative arts and crafts and other kinds of handmade flowers.

We can provide customers with professional pattern design, according to the style and size of the product specifications, and color matching.

Products are widely used in clothing, packaging, gift boxes, gifts, decoration, printing industry etc. More styles, do manual work is delicate, considerate service, has many years of experience, long-term production of single, products are exported to Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries.

Our advantage lies in: quality, delivery date! Real factory price, so that your quality assured, price assured, service assured! Sincerely welcome your call letter! We sincerely hope to cooperate with your company!

We have 196 colors to choose from; There are thousands of styles to choose from. And can be customized freely!

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